giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

The shoot with Holly (Ivory Flame) was great! it was the last photoshoot i had in London in december 2011.
She's so nice and a great model!

these are some backstage shots.
here at the telephone cabin, the second serie of the photoshoot.
Anna (with eyeglasses), the stylist and Camilla, my friend! she was so excited because she has just seen Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter walking down the street!!!

here Anna is finishing the wonderful dress she created for me!

and this is Domi, the make-up artists. she's a very nice girl!!! so full of energy! i really like her :)
i was doing light tests for the last serie, and she posed for me (:

Firstly, we went to Hamstead Heath to take the first photos. i wanted something really natural, like a fairytale.
The dress is by Eki Orleans and make-up by Dominique Heslop, a very nice girl who was with us for all the day!

i really like the result, it's exactly what i had in mind..

This park is so beautiful! we went seeing all the city from the top of the hill and then taking photos between all these wonderful trees!

After that, we returned home to take other series.
AnnaKarenina, one of the most talented stylist ever, reached us in Fellows Road, in our apartment, to prepare the other dresses for the shoot.
she's a real genius! in only 20 minutes, she can do a new personalized dress. She had the already prepared (obviously by herself) corsets and with some simple fabrics (like simple squares of a lot of different fabrics) she created all the skirt and the top part of the dress!
it's absolutely not a simple thing to do!
i LOVE what she created for me!

we went to a telephone one (the classic red ones- i always wanted to take photos with it!) 5 minutes walking.
i also love the result (:

And finally again in the apartment. Anna created another dress for the last serie.
Unfortunately there was no more light, and inside the light was quite bad. but we manage to do something instead of this!

i also asked Holly to pose for me in topless. just to do some last shots for finish better the day ;)

we were so tired after the photoshoot, but i can say i'm so happy about it!
it was a really great day, without any doubts!!!

giovedì 5 gennaio 2012


Hello everyone :)
I was thinking it's time to use my blog more often and tell you something about my wonderful experience in London last december.

First photos i've taken were with lovely Liv Olsen MM#2227632
something about dolls. we w
ent to London Eye to take photos!

Make-up & Hairstyle by Sasha
Aleksandar MM#2268736
and the dress is by Odoris
Floris MM#2304933

this is a beautiful square full of interesting lines really near to London Eye!

this is Pier, my friend. we were trying to fit the dress that was a little bit too large for her. we used her bra to make it more tight! :)

Last couple of shots taken with the carousel!

it was so cold!!! i felt so guilty for Liv because she was freezing... it was 10th december, not a good date to take photos with naked l
egs and all.. ^^'


the day after Liv's photoshoot, w
e went to Brighton's Seven Sisters.
It is one of the most beautiful places i've ever seen!

i wanted to go there for a very lo
ng time and finally i managed to do it!
i organized something really interesting with two models
and the wonderful dresses of a very good stylist based in London, but i got some problems to catch the dresses in time and one of the models was sick...
so we tried to do something with t
he only one model and the dresses we had with us...
she is the beautiful
Kristýna Daňkovà.

it's not the result i wanted firstly but i'm quite satisfied anyway. i think i'll come back one day to take some other photos with a different style :)
it's sure i'll do that!

we were going down when i took this photos. this is the
sight from the beach.

this was the first weekend in London.

something "interesting":
we saw a fox in front of our apartment. in Italy we'r
e used to see cats and dogs around the city, but not a fox!!! we called her Hermione :) just for fun..
she went closer to us, looking for something to eat and w
e tought to give her two sausages we had in the fridge. we took it and gave her, and she was so funny with the big sausage in her small mouth :D


on monday 12th,
we started our short course at the Central Saint Martins, one of the coolest art schools ever!
i attended the Fashion Photography school,
my two friends attended the Art Direction course.
Both really interesting and useful!

i did a lot of things, i learnt a lot and i took a lot of photos!!!! :)
my tutor was Leigh Keily, go checking his site ;)

in the first days he explained us a lot of things a
bout this job and such. interesting things!
the first photos we took were with Danni Menzie (i really don't know if this is really her name.. ^^'), a commercial model that came at CSM to let us make some practice.
we had only one minute and a half to take some ph
otos with each one of the several fittings. it was something like an exercise for the final shoot, where we had 2 minutes... -.-'

we had also some homeworks. i didn't know it.. ^^'
me and my friends were a little preoccupied because we wanted to go out, to meet people, to go dancing in the night... and we stayed some days at home doing our homeworks.. :)
but one of them was interesting for me.
we had to go out to take some street photos. the lesson finished at 4.30 pm so it was already dark and i decided to take some nocturnal shots. a new thing for me, i've never taken photos by night but always wanted to try..

this is from inside a telephone cabin. i always loved the traditional London telephone cabins, they are so... red.. and red :)

this is a man i found really good to photograph. he didn't notice i took this photo and i took it very quickly in fact..

we were at Leicester Square and around Covent Garden. i remember i was so tired that day..
we were waking up early in the morning every day and every night we were going out to drink one beer.. just because "we are in London! we must go out" ^^'


one day, at CSM, we had the photography studio all for us.. and we saw the phantomatic WIND MACHINE!!! i always dreamt to use it one day!
we obviously used it. so i took some photos of Tiffany, a very nice girl from Canada. she was in the course with me :)
we had a lot of fun!!!!

i love this b/w shots.. i think that the result is beautiful, besides the fact they were completely some "just for fun" shots :)

and finally on 15th, we had the final photoshoot with professional models at CSM.
it was great!
first of all, one of the two models is the winner of the last edition of GREAT BRITAIN AND IRLAND'S NEXT TOP MODEL, Jade Thompson. I had a talk with her outside, while smoking a cigarette and she told me something about the changing in her life after winning the contest. cool! :)
the other model was the adorable Shenyue Ding.
Both of them are in Models1 agency for models, a quite famous one based in the central London.

The first serie was about Beauty. We had two minutes to explain what we want to the model and take the photos. not a simple thing, but i love the result!

This is Shenyue

And this is Jade

After this two series of beauty shots, we did something fashion..

And finally something with both the models, Jade and Shenyue. I really enjoyed take photos with both of them :) just wanted from them to have fun too..
and i'm so satisfied about the final result!

this is the whole group. From left to right:
Evan Huang (make-up & hairstyle) he's a real genius!
Russell Philip Peek (styling)
Jade Thompson
Shenyue Ding
and finally my tutor of the whole course, Leigh Keily.

I must admit it: i had a lot of fun in the course, and i'm so happy about all these new photos of mine!
Another nice thing about the course was that we were 10 in total and everyone of us come from a different place.. i was the only italian girl and i was very grateful about that (it has been really important to me for improving my english etc).
we were from all the corners of the world, Italy (me), Thailand, Canada, Estonia, Ucraina, Russia, Chile, Hong Kong, Sheffield, Brighton... so cool! i really liked this thing! :)

The course finished on friday, 16th.
We had the whole saturday (i had no photos, but just because unfortunately the model was sick.. hope i'll take some photos with her another time in London, because she is so beautiful, talented and particular!) to go shopping! :)
my friend Pier bought too many things and spent too much money so it finished i took his credits cards and didn't give them to him until the night ^^'
i bought the most beautiful coat ever ;)

on sunday i had the last photoshoot with the great Holly! :) (you can take a look at her on ModelMayhem, she's IvoryFlame

i'm still working on these last photos since i had a lot of work when i came back from London.
just a backstage photo, to start :)

I hope i'll manage to finish working on these last photos soon, so i can share them with you ;)

absolutely one of the most "creative" experiences in my life ^^

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011



i won the People's choice award in the ARTISTS WANTED competition!

click here to view the result of my category and the others!

thanks a lot to everyone who voted me! thank you!!! :)

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

new facebook page

hi to all!
i've got some techical problems with my facebook page, and decided to change it!

my new facebook page

follow me! ;)

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010


i've my new camera! from this evening!!! :D

CANON 5D mark II

70-200 mm f2.8

17-40 mm f4.0

50 mm f1.4



sabato 5 giugno 2010

hi there!
tomorrow morning i leave for a job for three months and a half (photographer in a summer village for tourists)- need money for a new camera ;)
i'll return in september!
i appreciate so much your support, thanks a lot!!!

hope i can login sometimes there, to tell you how's going :D

bye bye!!!

sabato 22 maggio 2010


the hidden world of Nature.
spirits we can't see.
magical spirits.
magic is everywhere.

Fairies all around.
fairies and spirits.
invisible to us: they are the hidden world of Nature.

everything has its secrets.
the secrets of nature are the most magical.
everyone knows it.

spirits of nature.
they call the wind and fly with it.
and the wind has its own secrets.