giovedì 6 maggio 2010


time to make a new post here :)
everything is going well, i suppose.
for the end of may i'm leaving, going to be a photographer in a summer village here in italy. for 3 months and a half (i need enough money to buy a canon!). quite excited!

here some new photographs of mine.
enjoy them!

4 commenti:

  1. Italy?! I'm so jealous.

    You probably have no idea who this is, but I'm on deviantArt and I found this blog from there.

    Spending 3 months in Italy taking photos sounds like a dream. Congratulations.

  2. I notived you at deviantART and I'm in love with your pictures.
    Please visit me and give me some feedback for my pictures! It'll be so nice.
    Greetings. :*

  3. what's wrong with your olympus? why do you want to buy canon?
    your photos are always amazing tho =)