giovedì 12 gennaio 2012

The shoot with Holly (Ivory Flame) was great! it was the last photoshoot i had in London in december 2011.
She's so nice and a great model!

these are some backstage shots.
here at the telephone cabin, the second serie of the photoshoot.
Anna (with eyeglasses), the stylist and Camilla, my friend! she was so excited because she has just seen Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter walking down the street!!!

here Anna is finishing the wonderful dress she created for me!

and this is Domi, the make-up artists. she's a very nice girl!!! so full of energy! i really like her :)
i was doing light tests for the last serie, and she posed for me (:

Firstly, we went to Hamstead Heath to take the first photos. i wanted something really natural, like a fairytale.
The dress is by Eki Orleans and make-up by Dominique Heslop, a very nice girl who was with us for all the day!

i really like the result, it's exactly what i had in mind..

This park is so beautiful! we went seeing all the city from the top of the hill and then taking photos between all these wonderful trees!

After that, we returned home to take other series.
AnnaKarenina, one of the most talented stylist ever, reached us in Fellows Road, in our apartment, to prepare the other dresses for the shoot.
she's a real genius! in only 20 minutes, she can do a new personalized dress. She had the already prepared (obviously by herself) corsets and with some simple fabrics (like simple squares of a lot of different fabrics) she created all the skirt and the top part of the dress!
it's absolutely not a simple thing to do!
i LOVE what she created for me!

we went to a telephone one (the classic red ones- i always wanted to take photos with it!) 5 minutes walking.
i also love the result (:

And finally again in the apartment. Anna created another dress for the last serie.
Unfortunately there was no more light, and inside the light was quite bad. but we manage to do something instead of this!

i also asked Holly to pose for me in topless. just to do some last shots for finish better the day ;)

we were so tired after the photoshoot, but i can say i'm so happy about it!
it was a really great day, without any doubts!!!

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